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CitrisSan Non GMO Hand Sanitizer

Many people today are avoiding products that have GMOs, and we agree that products free from GMOs should be readily available to the public. Our hand sanitizer products don't have GMOs and other dangerous chemicals found in many hand sanitizing products on the market today. It is important to know what is in the products you use on your body, so you can be assured that when you use our products, they are safe and effective for everyone in the family. To learn more about our products and see the variety of options we have to offer, check out the website. We want to help you stay safe and feel good about using a hand sanitizer to keep you safe from viruses and germs wherever your day takes you.

If you are interested in using an organic hand sanitizer that is safe and effective, you should try CitrisSan. Our products are free of dangerous chemicals and GMOs, as well as parabens and other unnecessary products. Some hand sanitizers are dangerous and can make the user sick because they use products like denatured alcohol. We don't use those types of ingredients and pride ourselves on only using the best, high quality, safe ingredients on the market. Not only does our hand sanitizer kill germs and viruses on your hands, but it also smells great because we use organic citrus oils and 91% aloe vera gel to keep hands soft and free from drying and cracking. To see the selection of products we currently offer, visit our website and see how we can make venturing out to do daily chores easier and safer.

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