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Aloe Vera Gel

CitrisSan® Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer Products

CitrisSan Aloe Vera Gel

Everyone should have a great hand sanitizer available wherever they go. There are a variety of illnesses and germs on surfaces all over, and having these products available can help you stay safe and will protect your family from spreading these dangers to themselves and others. Our hand sanitizers are safe and effective for the whole family. We only use the best ingredients proven to be effective and won't pose any health risks like other products on the market. Additionally, we use organic Aloe Vera gel in CitrisSan® hand sanitizer. Aloe Vera gel is very therapeutic for skin and has many healing properties for damaged skin due to sunburn and injury.


  • Helps soothe sunburn.

  • Aloe Vera gel has cooling properties and is anti-inflammatory.

  • Helps to moisturize the skin. 

  • Boosts healing of wounds. 

  • Fights skin-aging. 

  • Reduces infection and acne. 

  • Lightens blemishes on the face. 

  • Aloe Vera for hair and scalp.